Sunday, December 6, 2009

Father's Day celebration

It's Father's Day yesterday and we went out to treat our dear daddy of the house at Ma Maison-a Bakery and a Coffee House located at the corner of Klongrien 1 Road, Hatyai City, Thailand. It's our first time in that place and we like the way they treated us as customers. It's a small place, very neat and clean, very comfy and has a very home-like ambiance. I like the quietness of the place (because we're the only customers...LOL!) and the owner of the place can speak English.

The place:

The best daddy in the world:)

yummy cakes:

the mommy can't resist the urge to have a photo too:)

We order the milk cake. The cake "floats" on a milk and the cake tastes like "leche flan" minus the too much sweetness. Cocoa powder is on top of it.

Kiwi frappes is for me.

Blueberry smoothies for my dear.

More yummy food found at Perfectly Blended by Bogie. It's indeed a yummy day for us:)



Jane said...

I am alergic to Kiwi's, but I would definitely go for that Cake, thanks for sharing:)

Perfectly Blended said...

Hello Gen, I miss you!

I love your cake photo. Looks very tempting. :)

My Family Daily Adventure said...

wow naman, kami sa Carrefour lang kahapon kasi full ang MK, hehe, sarap ni Hyzyd mag drink, he's cute.
It's good na may connection na kayo dyan, maka chika naman...

Alice Audrey said...

Very nice review, and great photos. And what a cute baby!

nanay said...

Hyzyd has grown up. He is cute.

Kero said...

i would really love to sip that blueberry smoothie :)

my entry is here

agent112778 said...

the leche flan w/ cocoa is so inviting, yum yum =P~

my entry is here

have a Great YUMMY Sunday for us:)

Thanx for the Visit :)